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I’ve been a little quiet on the book front because I’m in the middle of completing a PhD in English. My research sits at the intersection of popular romance studies, narratology and literary animal studies. Fun, right? So fun. Seriously, just between you and me, I’m having a ball. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but for a writer who always wants to get to the heart of things, to look under the hood, it’s exhilarating.

At the end of the PhD, I’ll be back to writing books (there might be a couple of book contracts waiting for me… sorry, my favourite editors!), but for now I’m reveling in the academic life. In the meantime, if you want to catch me, I hang out on a few of the socials, but mainly Facebook. Plus, I’ll be at the RWAust conference in August. Say hello if you see me!

Five award-winning authors bring you five festive tales of love and laughter, set in gorgeous locations across the globe. From snowy Colorado to the sunny Pacific, the rugged Australian coast to the laneways of London, and the traditions of a Greek island Christmas, fall in love with stories guaranteed to bring you joy this holiday season!

News! I have a story with these amazing authors in the anthology Five Christmases. Each story is set in a different country over Christmas. It’s available for pre-order now from Amazon US, Amazon Aust, Apple Aust, Apple US, Kobo, and other retailers for the very special price of 99c.

My story, All She Wants for Christmas, was originally in the anthology Hot Christmas Nights in 2015, so if you read it back then, you won’t need to buy it again. Mind you, then you’d be missing out on the other four fabulous stories, so my advice is to grab yourself a copy anyway. 🙂

Romance Writers of Australia conference

This December I’ll be heading to the Gold Coast for the annual Romance Writers of Australia conference. Three days of workshops, panels, chatting over drinks, networking, pitching, and fun. Can’t wait! And even better, I’ll be running this masterclass:

Supercharge Your Scenes

Stories are made up of little narrative units: scenes. This masterclass will focus on the elements used to construct a crunchy scene—one which moves the plot forward, reveals character, engages the reader, and pushes the story into the next scene. Concepts covered will include: scene protagonists, scene purpose, scene structure, scene conflict, and scene beats. Bring along 2-3 of your own scenes (on paper or device) to work on them in the class!